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Facials & Skin Care Treatments for Women, Men and Teens
For optimal results, all facials and skin care treatments include a skin analysis and are customized to address your individual concerns such as hyperpigmentation, skin breakouts and acne, dehydration, environmentally stressed or sensitized skin and pre-mature aging.


Relaxing European Facial
75 min. - $65
This personalized facial helps to improve hydration and restore balance to all skin types; includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction (as needed), masque, toner, moisturizing and sunscreen.  Pure relaxation ensured with a neck and shoulder massage.


Aromatherapy Facial
75 min. - $65

Aromatherapy Facial customized with an essential oil blend and a therapeutic pressure point facial massage helps to relax, balance and rejuvenate.

Gentlemen's Facial
75 min. - $65
This special facial just for men improves hydration and restore balance to all skin types. It’s wonderfully relaxing with a neck and shoulder massage.

Paraffin Facial
75 min. - $75

European Facial customized with a paraffin wax layer over a specialized masque to boost hydration leaving skin softened and more radiant


Firm and Contour Facial
75 min. - $80
European Facial customized with a special contour masque treatment to firm and tighten skin.

  Teen Facial
45 min. - $50
A facial with an introduction to skin care to prevent future breakouts and maintain a healthy complexion.

  Express Facial
40 min. 
- $45  
Personalized express facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, minimal extraction (as needed), masque, toner, moisturizing and sunscreen. 
  Back Treatment
60 min. - $65
Relax with this cleansing back-facial treatment which includes a soothing back massage. 


Add - Ons 

(add to any of the facials) 

Pumpkin / Multi-fruit Peel -

A blend of pumpkin/multi-fruit extracts to loosen dead skin cells & pore clogging debris for smoother & younger skin.

Eye Masque Treatment -
A specialized serum and oatmeal eye masque to reduce puffiness, firm, tone, and soothe sensitive eye area.

Combination Treatments

Back & Express Facial Treatment
75 min. - $85    
Pure relaxation and cleansing for back and face…
a. “back” treatment combined with an  “express” facial.

Deluxe Back & Facial Treatment
120 min. - $115

Ultimate relaxation and cleansing for back and face…
a ”back” treatment  combined with a “relaxing” european facial.





Chemical Peel Treatments

Chemical peels use different types of acid solutions to smooth and improve the texture of your skin.  These advanced & aggressive exfoliation treatments remove the damaged outer layers and accelerate new, fresh skin growth. 

For optimal results, a home care maintenance plan is recommended

60 min. - $75
Series of 6 for optimal results

Glycolic Resurfacing Peel 30%

Best suited for overall improvement: uneven tone & texture; fine lines & wrinkles; tightening; stimulate production of collagen and elastin in the skin

Lactic Peel 15%
Best suited for sensitive, dry, rosacea skin: for uneven tone & texture; fine lines & wrinkles; dehydrated, sun damaged skin 

Salicylic Peel 30%
Best suited for acne, oily, thick skin: deeply purifies pores; has an anti-inflammatory effect

Modified Jessner Peel 14%
Best suited for: congested, dehydrated, sun damaged or hyperpigmetated skin



Hair Removal Services- Pricing for sugaring, waxing & face threading services unless specified

Click here: Waxing FAQ


Eyebrows  clean up $18
                       shape $25  
Upper lip 
Forehead                  $15
Forehead & Brow                  $28
Full face $45


(Women only)

$65 first time at Sweet Dreams

$50 maintenance within 3 mos.
$55 over 3 mos.
add $10 for buttock cheek area

Deep Bikini                     
Underarms $18
$50 (half-both arms)
$65 (full-both arms)
WAX Legs      
$60 (half-both legs)
$80 (full-both legs)
SUGAR Legs       
$75 (half-both legs)
$100 (full-both legs)
WAX Back                         $65
SUGAR Back                         $100
Chest $50
Stomach                   $40

“No-Wax” Eyebrows -
Tweeze & Trim Only
Clean up 
Trim only

$ 8  

(Other areas not listed
are quoted upon request)




Click here: Brow and Lash FAQ 

Eyelash Perming .............................................$60

Brow Tinting ………………………………… $18
Lash Tinting ……...………………….….…….$25